If you follow my instagram, you may know that I went back to Tokyo in March this year. It was still under the unusual situation because of Covid19 spreading. There were definitely restrictions and challenges to get around, explore the great coffee shops in Tokyo as many as I wanted. I needed to quarantine for 2 weeks and didn’t use public transportations. So these coffee shops that I can list in here are very very limited and it’s just a tiny part of what Tokyo has, for now I say. I definitely want to go back there and add many of great places in my directory, so don’t underrate the cafe culture in Tokyo by this post!

Talking about “Cafe Culture”, I would say the cafe (not “coffee shop”) in Tokyo typically offers meal type of food. So it’s more like the casual dining place. They also tend to have great selections of sweets. You must try any kinds of sweets in Tokyo even though you might not have sweet teeth. It’s typically not super sugary, it’s just right amount of sweetness. Then they serve a specialty coffee along with those sweets, it does make sense!

People in Tokyo usually spend a long time at cafe with their friends, lovers, or family etc… not just quick coffee stop. That’s why the ambiance inside is definitely one of the key elements.

There are a coffee stand type of place started getting popular too, it’s more like a coffee shop in US. They serve hand selected specialty bean coffee, barista takes their time to craft the drinks, and maybe a few pastries or snacks house made or sourced from local shop.

I like them both, and I really did enjoy the visiting all places this time even though it was very limited access. I promise to add more places in my directory from future Tokyo trip, stay tuned!

The Places I visited this time…

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